5 Things You Need to Be a Highly Effective C-Level Leader of a Retail Tech Company
In the ever-evolving retail landscape, technology continues to redefine how consumers engage with brands. For C-level leaders in the retail tech space, navigating these shifts presents both challenges and opportunities. Brad Fick sat down with Medium's Kieran Powell to share how tier-one retailers can leverage innovative technologies to maintain a competitive edge and future-proof their organizations.
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Sally Beauty Builds Out Immersive Experiences with New Concept Store
RIS News spoke with Sally Beauty about how the retailer is leveraging technology to improve the overall store experience – both for frontline associates and shoppers. Sally Beauty tapped the expertise of Direct Source to help create a plan to update and deploy a new POS system in about 4,500 stores. As part of this renewal effort, the retailer’s goal was to give sales associates simple, streamlined, multifunctional devices for inventory management. This has involved rolling out easy-to-use mobile devices across all Sally Beauty stores, allowing associates to easily see real-time inventory levels.
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Modernizing The One-Trick Pony POS System into a Multi-Functional Workhorse
Traditional POS systems are often referred to as a one-trick pony because they’re only used as payment vehicles. However, to keep up with changes in consumer shopping behaviors, retailers need to think about modernizing their traditional POS technology to stay agile, competitive and boost ROI and revenue. Brad Fick, president of Direct Source, spoke with VARInsights to share three things retailers should consider when modernizing a POS system to ensure the rollout is efficient and seamless.
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Three Things to Consider When Implementing Self-Service Checkout in Retail
Today's customers view convenience and efficiency as staples of the shopping experience, especially since the pandemic changed many of our shopping behaviors. To meet new customer demands and bridge the gap between the brick-and-mortar and eCommerce experience, retailers are implementing omnichannel solutions like buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) and self-checkout payment systems. Brad Fick, president of Direct Source, spoke with Retail Merchandiser Magazine to share three considerations when deploying self-service solutions in retail environments.
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Direct Source, Safco and SYNQ Roll out BOPIS/BISPUN Smart Lockers to Facilitate Secure, Contactless Self Pick-up
Direct Source, Safco and SYNQ are using their combined expertise aimed at modernizing the in-store experience for today’s shoppers by creating a convenient and contactless shopper touchpoint.
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Self-Checkout Prevails in the New Blended Service Approach
Businesses are looking back at how far we’ve come with contactless payment solutions. Crediting the pandemic as a driving force behind self-service solutions and pushing the agenda for digital transformation – something that was slow to adopt in the US market pre-pandemic. Brad Fick, president of Direct Source, spoke with RIS News to discuss how contactless payment solutions are optimizing the customer experience and helping organizations stay agile, competitive and meet customer demands.
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Retailers: Take Control of Your Delivery Experience
What do customers really think about the deliveries they receive? A good delivery experience not only helps attract and retail loyal shoppers, but it also boosts retail revenue and profitability.
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What Business Leaders Can Learn From Retailers’ Response to COVID
Brad Fick, president of Direct Source, spoke with Forbes to discuss the importance of adapting to the needs of your customers through the adoption of digital technologies. From in-store lockers that allow shoppers to order online and pick up in the store with no human contact to expanding self-checkout, online ordering and curbside pickup options, retailers are adapting the new shopping experience to drive customer loyalty.
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The Truth about Security & Compliance Certifications
Government, industry and regulatory standards, as well as consumer expectations for securing personal and financial data, will continue to evolve. How can you be sure that your technology systems and processes comply to protect your brand, your assets, your employees and your customers?
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Creating a Contactless Experience
Today’s options for contactless retail — from eCommerce to curbside to payment — are expanding, and consumers are quickly gaining comfort with our new world of limited human interaction.
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