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Customers today want to get in and get out fast, without waiting in check-out lines.

Giving customers the option of independent self-checkout creates opportunities for faster, easier transactions, reduces the impact of high traffic times and allows store associates to focus on quality customer interactions.

Grocery stores, discount retailers and others have embraced self-checkout options as shoppers aim to avoid long lines and employee interactions. But there’s more to empowering your customers than traditional self-checkout stations.

Payment stations and kiosks can offer quick scan-and-go options for smaller orders, as can associates handling mobile or roaming payments. These options are easy to deploy, customizable and help move shoppers out of line and out the door quickly.

Customer service desks that have since picked up the role of handing off purchased products just leads to more long times and employee interactions. Transitioning to smart lockers or customized pick-up areas is shifting the focus back to fast transactions. Customers can now order, pay and simply scan their phone at the store to open a secure locker and retrieve their purchase. They can even get a receipt emailed or printed.

With the help of self checkout, retailers can distribute teams and labor more effectively and help employees not feel overburdened or burnt out. Self checkout enables retailers to shift employees from check-out to customer service roles, which can help employees build stronger relationships with customers and upsell to boost the bottom line.

Additionally, today’s self checkout systems come with a variety of solutions to help prevent loss and theft. From mounted personal video monitors to providing enhanced lighting and camera options, retailers can implement a solution that fits their needs while maintaining an environment that discourages fraud or theft at the self-checkout.

With today’s payment-enabled touchscreen displays, barcode scanners, interactive kiosks, smart lockers, mobile POS systems and more, creating beautiful, functional self-checkout stations is simple.

Our experts in self-service work with you to define the best approach for your customers and then deploy the right technology with precise instruction, full integration planning and execution, professional documentation and project-specific technical support, all designed with your goals in mind. We accommodate fast-turn projects without requiring downtime so you can keep stores running while upgrading to create more accommodating store environments.

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Success Stories
When a large home improvement chain upgraded its tool rental centers, the company wanted to create a one-stop-shop for professional and DIY customers looking to rent high-quality equipment. To enable easy and convenient check-in and check-out of tools, the team deployed self-service kiosks. These, along with an online reservation option and digital documents that can be signed and viewed from a mobile device, created a fast and seamless customer experience, getting customers the right tools so they could get back to their home improvement projects. Direct Source procured, integrated and installed all technology including 22" Elo touchscreen monitors and enclosures, Verifone 925 payment terminals, Epson T88 printers and Datalogic scanners.