Smart Lockers

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A flexible, convenient and contactless shopper touchpoint that drives brand loyalty

Labor shortages, long lines at check-out, and health and safety concerns are common retail challenges. Smart lockers give retailers a competitive edge by improving the product retrieval and checkout process to help alleviate employee and customer pain points.


Designed for easy use by both retailers and customers who want fast, convenient and tailored self-service transaction experiences, smart lockers allow shoppers to order online or in-store, retrieve their products or services from a secure locker and make contactless returns using their smartphone.

Smart lockers integrate with back-end point-of-sale information, inventory management and distribution systems to help store associates easily view orders, track and load approved purchases into a locker. They are ideal for pre-ordered and pre-paid purchases and equipment rental and services.

Home goods, hard goods, discount stores, apparel and other retailers are adding smart locker solutions to their stores to help alleviate wait times at the customer service desks that have traditionally been used for customer pickup. As a result, store associates can focus their attention on customers that need immediate help within the store, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Along with addressing labor shortages, smart lockers help maintain more accurate inventory and reduce inventory loss associated with both in-store shipping theft or mishandling.

Smart lockers can be placed either inside or outside the store for easy access and come in a variety of sizes to fit various retail footprints.

Our experts in contactless self-service solutions work to help solve your most challenging enterprise and industry-specific problems. With our proven experience, expertise and strong business partnerships that span the technology areas of infrastructure, security and mobility, we work with you to define the best approach for your customers and provide turnkey solutions and services that match your precise needs. We accommodate fast-turn projects without requiring downtime so you can keep stores running while upgrading to create more accommodating store environments.

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Success Stories
A large North American retailer's select dealership stores are using smart smart locker systems to help store associates view orders and track and load approved purchases into a locker. Select retailers started testing the smart lockers in a pilot rollout in 2019, and additional North American retail locations are now being added. Some select retail locations are moving beyond pilot stage with the implementation of smart-store contactless product retrieval lockers.