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Our expert field techs complete projects on time and on budget

We work across the United States, Canada, and Mexico to create custom deployment schedules that ensure stores are up and running quickly, with no unscheduled down time. With our field services team, you don’t need to have staff on-site for technology changes or equipment maintenance – we do it all for you and provide detailed field reports on a store-by-store basis. Our North American technician base directly managers each service with precise instruction, professional documentation, and project-specific technical support, all designed with your goals in mind.


Leverage Our Experience

  • On-site Technicians
  • Tech Instructions and Guidelines
  • Training and Certificates
  • National Coverage
  • In-house Help Desk
  • Real Time Store Status Reports
  • Site Surveys
  • Deliverable Repository
  • Hardware Tracking
Success Stories
A beauty retailer wanted to deploy modern POS systems to give sales associates simple, streamlined, multi-functional devices for in-store payments. To keep each store open during normal business hours, Direct Source completed nighttime deployment and installation, overseeing 25 stores per night.

All new equipment was validated on-site by field technicians, ensuring that the new systems were in full working order from Day 1. Technicians also handled disposal of all old equipment from the stores, providing certificates of destruction to safeguard business and customer data, and for future audits.
A wireless service provided wanted to deploy new enterprise-grade security and firewall systems over a three-year period starting in 2020 through 2021. In 2021, Direct Source scheduled approximately 1,400 stores for the new firewall install.

However, the wireless service provided wanted to speed up the deployment so that the stores slated for 2022 would be completed that year. Direct Source accommodated the request and helped the wireless service provider successfully roll out a new security management system in almost 3,000 stores.
We helped a large retailer that specializes in apparel successfully upgrade their store routers in 1,100 stores, including in Canada and Mexico. The project took about six months between February and July of 2021 and approximately 1,050 routers were upgraded.
We helped a large home improvement retailer successfully roll out new register scan guns in over 1,000 stores.
A large home improvement retailer wanted to complete a store server refresh. This entailed installing new servers while removing old legacy equipment. This recent install would help the large home improvement retailer quickly back up and sync data to cloud storage or other NAS servers and simplify future expandability. Between June 2021 and January 2022, Direct Source installed over 1,190 QNAP devices for the new server install. In addition, between Sept. 2021 and April 2022, Direct Source completed over 1,180 removals of old equipment, which were completed 90 days post-installation.