Payment Terminal & Device Cleaning 101

Chances are that early on in the COVID pandemic, one of your well-meaning store associates sprayed a payment device or touchscreen with a harsh cleaning solution. As probably know now, this can cause damage and corrosion. To properly disinfect your mobile devices, POS terminals and screens, you can follow some easy best practices, ensuring clean surfaces and protection of your hardware investments. To protect them even further, consider installing antimicrobial protective covers.

Best practices for device cleaning and protection

  • Turn off your device when possible
  • Use a soft cloth or disposable wipe
  • Sanitize surfaces only (never electrical connections) using an alcohol-based wipe or cleaning solution (approx. 70-90% strength isopropyl alcohol)
  • If using a cloth such as microfiber, apply cleaning agent to the cloth, not the device – do not spray, pour or submerge any device
  • Apply gently; do not scrub or press hard on the display surface
  • Wipe dry with a new cloth if needed
  • Contact your system integrator or device manufacturer if you have questions

Questions? Let us know.

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