Enhancing the In-Store Experience with Branded POS

Mobile technology is encouraging brands to rethink their in-store strategies and how to interact with shoppers. First came upgrading fixed POS systems to mobile POS. Mobile POS improved the in-store experience by equipping store associates with the tools to check-out customers from anywhere in the store, minimizing lane congestion by offering shoppers fast and easy payments.

Now retailers are looking at ways to take payment technology to the next level with custom branded POS solutions. Today’s consumers expect a cohesive look and feel across a retailer’s store, so when looking at customized-POS solutions it’s important to remember this includes customizing the enclosures as well as the software to fit the design of the brand and the experience you want shoppers to have.

Smart dressing rooms are an innovative way retailers can enhance the customer experience. By equipping dressing rooms with branded tablets and apps, shoppers have the opportunity to scroll through additional apparel sizes, colors and combination pieces right in the dressing room. Once a customer has decided on a purchase, they can check-out directly from the tablet in the room.

Equipping POS systems with access to real-time operational data and visibility into store merchandise and inventory is another way retailers are further enhancing customer engagement. In smart dressing rooms, shoppers can get insights into what sizes and pieces are available – eliminating the need to run out and check the racks. By linking POS systems with insights into customer data, store employees can improve productivity by answering customer questions immediately and making on-the-spot decisions without having to consult a manager. For example, with customer loyalty programs, employees can see past customer purchases and are more empowered to up-sell or cross-sell at the point of purchase by offering products frequently purchased together.

Retailers can also invest in app-driven technology to provide a self-service option to shoppers. By offering connected, mobile-payment applications, customers can pay for merchandise on-the-spot by simply scanning the item with their own device.

Custom-branded POS should enhance the in-store experience by arming store associates with the information customers can easily find online, increasing check-out ease and ensuring a consistent experience across channels – making customers feel digitally connected both online and in-store.

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