COVID Corner: Thermal Temperature Scanning

COVID IconAs U.S. states open up for business in physical locations, checking employees, consumer shoppers, diners, guests and others for signs of illness can help manage the spread of COVID-19. Automated, advanced thermal temperature scanning is an easy and non-intrusive way to increase peace-of-mind for your guests, customers and employees.

Direct Source and Honeywell have partnered for more than 15 years, helping retailers create highly productive and customer-focused retail store environments.

Now, the two companies are helping safeguard consumers against the threat of dangerous viruses. ThermoRebellion™ is a new fever detection system from Honeywell. It uses infrared non-invasive thermal technology to quickly and easily scan people for fever symptoms before entering a store or business. The system is designed to be autonomous, only requiring human intervention if a secondary check is recommended.

This fast, effective triage system can detect a rise in facial surface temperature and uses advanced algorithms to predict core body temperature. Once identified, a secondary diagnosis can be used to confirm the presence of a fever.

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