COVID Corner: Protective Barrier Systems

COVID IconRetailers, grocers, restaurant and foodservice organizations looking to protect both employees and consumers should be adding acrylic (plexiglass) or polycarbonate sneeze guards and barriers within their store environment. These easy-to-install barriers can be placed at the check-out or point of sale, to separate counter and self-checkout areas and in other locations where consumers and employees interact, such as a service counter.

Visual barriers are now a necessity for health and safety, but they go a long way in helping customers feel protected within physical store locations and are a useful reminder for social distancing.

Both plexiglass and polycarbonate sneeze guards and barriers are easy to clean and do not obstruct vision or interaction. They are affordable, movable and can stand up to high traffic areas. A cleaner store environment means less contamination and a safer experience for customers.

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