Retailers Reap Beacon Technology Benefits

While retailers have been hesitant to adopt beacons, that time has passed. In the retail business, it’s all about the customer. And to keep consumers coming back, retailers must deliver quality and personalized customer experiences throughout the store. So it’s no surprise that retailers across the board are bringing in technology that helps them better engage with the customer – which is exactly where beacons come in.

Engage shoppers at the moment of opportunity.
Beacons are low-power, micro-location gadgets that use Bluetooth technology to detect nearby smartphones and send push-notifications to the devices. With geo-tracking capabilities, retailers are able to provide real-time product feedback to consumers via push notifications at moments of opportunity. For example, beacons can trigger push notifications with targeted promotions and up-selling opportunities based on the products consumers are approaching.

Increase customer loyalty.
Through the use of mobile apps, retailers can collect sales data on customers, seeing past purchases, product preferences and even personal information like birthdays. By combining beacon technology to the mobile app, retailers can deliver highly personalized and targeted offers as soon as customers enter the store – increasing brand loyalty by building stronger relationships.

Re-imagine the store’s layout.
Beacon technology can be used to collect information on consumers’ travel patterns throughout a store – where they walked, where they stopped, what they touched. Data that is critical for marketing decisions. The more data collected, the better a retailer can plan for store layouts, end-cap displays and product placement that will best engage customers.

Today’s consumers expect innovative, personalized experiences as soon as they enter a brick-and-mortar store. Retailers that can’t deliver risk losing shoppers to the competition. By incorporating beacon technology, retailers are bringing the digital experience into the physical space, engaging with customers on a targeted level and increasing overall brand loyalty.