Help Customers Stay a Little Longer

While the traditional value of putting the customer first still rings true, the experience is becoming more technologically advanced on a daily basis. For today’s shopper, it’s all about digital – whether online or off. Smart dressing rooms add shopper convenience without having to leave the stall. Self-checkout from a mobile device eliminates waiting in long lines. Personalized promotions pinged to a phone further entice the purchase.
While retailers across the board are focusing on the paying customer, others are upping their game and taking into account friends and family.
Guest Parking
It happens all the time: A shopper comes in with a friend or family member but one of them is done shopping before the other, and then they encourage the other to wrap it up. Oftentimes long before the shopper is ready, losing a potential sale to the companion shopping blues. But what if you could cure the blues before they even set in?
By providing infotainment areas – or guest parking spots – within the store, shopping companions can be entertained while they wait. This can include kiosks with product information, gaming apps or simple plug-and-play stations for customer devices with comfy chairs.

Don’t Just Entertain, Infotain
It’s important to note that retailers must think strategically about resting stops. After all, they aren’t simply about entertaining guests, infotainment is also about informing guests. Retailers can and should take this opportunity for guests to learn more about the store, the brand, products and promotions – helping boost customer loyalty among even the newest of shoppers.
Additionally, retailers can create virtual reality experiences for shoppers and guests. These experiences can provide customers with a “try-before-you-buy” feel for larger purchases, such as a gaming system, cooking appliance or furniture. This not only allows customers to engage virtually with products, but it creates experiences that showcase the store’s offerings while providing virtual entertainment that leaves shoppers wanting more.
Key staples in today’s retailer’s marketing strategies include providing superior customer service and memorable experiences, and bringing the digital experience in-store. By also focusing on the guest, brands can up the ante in customer loyalty, gain new brand advocates, and increase sales from current and potential customers.